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Barnstorming Ohio Press

To Understand Ohio

WKSU (National Public Radio)

Other Press

Finding Oneself in a Coffin

New York Times Book Review (Editor's Choice)

Most Interesting People 2018

Cleveland Magazine

Blight and Flight

New York Times Book Review (Editor's Choice)

For Writer, 'The Hard Way' Meant Choosing To Stay In Akron, Ohio

Morning Edition (Nation Public Radio)

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Solvent

New York Times

All the Way Home

The Diane Rehm Show (National Public Radio)

Book TV: Chicago Printer's Row Book Festival


Review: Furnishing Eternity

Kirkus Reviews

Akron Author David Giffels Explores Mortality and How to Build a Coffin in his Latest Book

Akron Beacon Journal

'Our love is all we have': Reflecting on 'Furnishing Eternity

The Devil Strip

Book Notes: David Giffels "Furnishing Eternity"

Largehearted Boy

Ending with a Flourish

To the Best of Our Knowledge

(National Public Radio)

More Press

The Best of Our 'Lives' Column

New York Times Magazine

Life According To ...

David Giffels

Ohio Magazine

David Giffels Considers a Chance to Furnish His Eternity


(National Public Radio)

David Giffels Built Coffins With His Father.

Then His Father Died.


What David Giffels Learned About Mortality From Building His Own Coffin

Georgia Public Radio

Cleveland Arts Prize

Review: Furnishing Eternity

Publisher's Weekly

Reading Through Grief: 5 Books on Death and Mortality

Literary Hub

Book Review: Building of a coffin is jumping-off point for endearing memoir

Providence Journal

Ten New Books We Recommend This Week

The New York Times Book Review

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